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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 4, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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e. we were on the scene of two overnight power outages and 66 people lost power and the area affected was thy in town polk -- chinatown polk. the area affected was west oakland and 90 people are without power and it should be blaming the outage. paul will have your update and don't forget, you can have a look at our storm tracker 2 on, just click the weather tab on our home page. president barack obama is waking up in san francisco for his second day of bay area of
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fundraisers. well, that is the close -- that is as close as the public will get allowing the public to see his motorcade pass by in san francis. >> the president was come beg what he has to do with the rest of his term here and it was a great event. >> this morning in atherton the president is scheduled to speak and his departure at fso is set for 140 this afternoon. many are trying to get their mess ands heard. proposed the keystone oil pipeline i would carry oil from texas. they are expected to make a decision on that pipeline this sum iser.
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>> people don't have that money to go into the room with obama so we have to make sure we are loud to get our message through. >> anti-war demonstrators also took to the street and closed for the closing in guantanamo bay. north korea has moved a missile to its east coast and optimum levels could reach the east coast. and that quote, the moment of explosion is approaching fast. >> it only takes being wrong once. and i don't want to be the secretary of defense who was wrong once, so we will continue to take these threats seriously. >> the white house is trying to diffuse the situation seriously
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such as china as a precaution and china is sending a defense system to guam capable of shooting ballistic missiles. some of the toughest are here. yesterday they drafted a bill in response to the sandy hook elementary school shooting. it passed with a vote 26-10. it does bail the sale of large capacity ammunition weapons. the list dosage pan to more than 150 and he will already send it to the governor who already presented to sign it. somebody ended the life of dr. martin luther king, jr. a rally is being held in his honor and we will have the special name it is given.
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a man who land his car in wal-mart and the attacked customers are due back in court this afternoon. he will be charged with several sell any counts before that happened. four people were hurt that day and he has had sever others in october in a case where he threw a chair through a pub while high on cocaine. zuckerberg promises an announcement and many are saying it is a facebook phone. leaked 9:00 to 5:00 say it is a 9:00 to 5:00 facebook phone. it adds they would allow them to chick in with their facebook friends and it shows you can go check in with your friends.
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>> i don't like everything being so tapped into facebook and my phone. i don't like all of that. >> the survey shows 82% of americans would not be interested in a facebook phone but they would bees pebblely in europe. the schools will send the rally off which will include remarks from the a head coach. this is the first time call has responded. sal is definitely covering wet roads and it rained pretty well in my area overnight. >> san francisco, lafayette, everywhere we are looking at these cameras and wet weather
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on the mcarthur maze, we have a report of a crash on eastbound 580 at 80 the mcarthur maze right in that area so we will take a look at that for you and there is also a report of a crash 580 on 24th and we are checking those in this area. they are running along majorly well and it doesn't take long to get flooded and we have a lot of standing water. looking at the traffic on 280 northbound that traffic looks good getting up to highway 17, let's go back to steve. and then you have to crank things up and it will be here for the morning and there is definitely more on the backside
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of it so we will have partly cloudy skies, i know it is tough when you have to look at it and any snow levels will be extremely high. i mean right there, that will come by at 10:00 or 11:00, not today, we will drop it to 60 degrees. and it looks like a fast moving system giving us a lot of clouds not much else saturday and sunday we could have another round of rain before the next warmup and middle of next week, pam? they are searching for two lost hikers in southern
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california. we will have the reason why he is unable to help search for missing friends. and also oakland is moving something to sacramento, stay tuned.
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with the right soil... everyone grows with miracle-gro. . welcome back, a beach is back open after a man was attacked by a shark. a man from delray was sitting on his board when a shark bit him on the thigh. he was able to paddle back and the man had a camera attached to his surf board. recent footage of shark attacks are he can roomily rare.
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there is -- extremely rare. they are searching for two missing hikers on the border. that was the scene as friends and family cheered when they heard nicholas was found alive in the rugged hills in the cleveland national forest, severally disoriented and he and 18-year-old rekindle jack had not been heard from since they lost cell phone service sunday night. >> he is able to make contact with him, he is conscious and they were able to talk to him. >> he is in serious condition and being treated for trauma. he is struggling to answer questions about his friends wear abouts they are hoping ones he has fluid it will spur
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his memory. there is a deadly attack in the west bank. a teenager was one of two palestinians kill in the latest fighting death of a well-known palestinians prisoner in israeli custody, they claim it was deliberate negligence by palestine continuians. later this morning they will hold a gun violence rally in washington d.c. to this day he is the went who will win a nobel piece price. and people of the tibetan
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association was having a rally for one of the people killed in oikos university last april. >> our family is still grieving and we are grateful that we have a good and strong community and everybody is supporting them he moved there after wanting to study to be a nurse. clint bauer was shot tuesday afternoon. he was found in his car down a ravine. so far police have not released any information on a motive or suspect. right now the shooting came two years to the day while bryan stow was attending a giants
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game and he is still recovering from severe brain damage they can't believe this is happening again. oakland may have to return millions of dollars of redevelopment funds and it helped the city balance its books. the still stole plenty of prop attain that sale came before governor brown eliminated the program and closed the state's deficit. two rallies will be held simultaneously to push for action on immigration reform. community leaders will gather and those events begin at noon when its members return to
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washington d.c. on monday. today at the national airport it will be the base for allowing small knives on planes again. they will allow leaflets at terminal two during the midday hours, they want travelers to sign a petition against listing one and it will be held all across the country this week. the rock band's stop, they are making a stop to the bay area. there they are starting up with new songs and new tour date, they will relive it at the hp pavilion. prices are steep from 168 to $265. >> i think it is worth it.
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they were supposed to be done touring so this is a huge opportunity. >> now i can save up. >> they can rocket night away with a few mumps. 4:49 is the time, sal is covering traffic. every time up start feeling old, those guys are out there rocking and there as you rocking and that's what we will be doing in the traffic center. it is 50 -- 580 eastbound and we have a couple of cars and just be careful because we have a lot of flooding and we have a little bit of light and it is not causing a huge delay.
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let's look at the westbound bay bridge on the peninsular, we have slowed traffic and you know how it gets when it is raining along the coast. it is not exactly will the best lent let's go to steve. now we have not too heavy and we will show you some totals about in line with what we thought. in bed with this, steady rain and i that i can it is only a morning event. san francisco 13 / 100th and
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union city .08 and things are just getting started. 50s on the temperatures, and 40s in the mountains it game about that yesterday am the low is up here which is coming in and it is raining right now but in a couple of hours it will be out of home. partly sunny skies and 60s on the temperatures. 50s and 60s after yesterday's very warm day inland. mostly sunny and if you we will have more before high pressure builds back in. missing carnival cruise
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ship broke down and we have more on latest damage to the ship. new medical help is available at the latest drug store chain, what is happening today.
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s s . welcome back, 4:53 is the time, take a look at the surveillance photos, berkeley police is asking for the
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public's help to track down this man. this man robbed and beat a high school student back in march. the attack happened just blocks away from the berkeley academy campus and these pictures were taken on a transit bus after the robbery. the bar pilot, guy kleess was there back in january and damage was estimated to be between two and three million dollars. the disciplinary action can range for guy kleess for more pilot training to the loss of his license. during it's february voyage, bad weather is to blame in mobile roll bam what.
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this is cell phone those yes it shows another large vessel inside port. they are helping people with ongoing drug store issues. most of its 370 take care clinics will now be able to diagnose and treat patients with diabetes. the stores are not trying to replace doctors but more than half of their patients do not have a primary care doctor. it could be getting a little more crowded and sal you might want to take extra time because it is wet out there. >> exactly pam, it is going to be one of those commutes and i have a feeling we will have a bigger commute time am i just found out about -- got -- i just got word of a new crash
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and we'll see what happens. if caster valley, there is a report of a crash westbound 580 and it is one of these things that will have happen a lot. 880 in oakland and the traffic is moving along relatively well. and this morning's commute, it look like it is one carpool lanes there and now let's go to teach. >> morning rain and we will have rain the morning and we have blue skies and rain fall totals so far quarter of an inch and it will come in about a quarter to a half.
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it always told and 50s often the temperatures and it is weakening as it lifts north and cooler temperatures and afternoon sun, it will be hereby the afternoon. cooler highs yesterday's warm day, inland temperatures down 15 degrees from yesterday and we clouded it up on sunday. monday we will have one more system, pam. next on the 5:00 hour, we are on storm watch, and the rain that is causing some downtown troubled spots and here from a man in downtown oakland who witnessed the gunfire.
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. we are live in san jose and we will show you where it is wet and raining and the accidents it may be causing. a man is expected to survive after being shot by oakland police. also, president barack obama waking up in the bay
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area, find out what is on his a do today. this is it morning news. good morning everybody, it is thursday april 4th, i am brian flores in for dave clark. we have a system in during the critical hours, nothing too heavy but it has already pushed out and you can see the bands of yellow and boy, it is a fast mover even though it is coming from the south yet, look at that, there is no doubt it will give way to afternoon sunshine. am i going to janine de la
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vega? yes, janeane what do you have for us? >> that is all right, steve, as you mentioned, it is wet and the rain has created several problems this morning. janine de la vega is at a crash, she is there and it is too early to know if it was the wet roads which caused the crash. >> reporter: we are here on -- we are here and this white lincoln navigator crashed into a palm tree and again the roads are wet. let's go to video which was taken in the lat half hour, no other vehicles were involved in this again and the driver, for some unknown reason, we don't know if it was the slick roads